This Week at Church

January 25th – 10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy in Church. Holy Martyr Tatiana.
January 25th – 6:00 PM: Vigil Service in Church.
January 26th – 10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy in Church.

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM EST
Live-streamed Divine Services.

Mark Your Calendar

13th Annual Bible Bowl – February 8th.
Sisterhood Meeting – February 2nd.
Website Committee – February 12th.
Council Meeting – February 12th.


Russian Festival October 18, 19, 20

Wednesday Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits)
August 12, 2010/July 30, 2010

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Baltimore MD 21231

Pilgrimages in 2020

From ancient times, Christians went on pilgrimages to see places connected to our Savior''s earthly life, to pray at the Holy Sepulcher. Also, from the first centuries of Christianity, monastic monasteries of Palestine, Egypt, Syria were born and became a place of pilgrimage for believers.

As a part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA, we present the following pilgrimages to the Holy Land in March 2020 and to St. Petersburg, Russia in July 2020.


Pilgrimage Holy Land March 2020

Pilgrimage St Petersburg July 2020


O Most Holy Trinity,
Our God, Glory to Thee!

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