The Holy Martyress Kyriakia

Commemorated on July 7

      The Holy Martyress Kyriakia suffered for Christ at Nikomedia during the time of a persecution under Diocletian. She was the only daughter of the pious christians Dorotheos and Eusebia, who had given a vow to dedicate their daughter to God.
      At the beginning of the persecution Saints Dorotheos and Eusebia were separated from their daughter and given over to trial under the governor Justus, but Saint Kyriakia was sent to Nikomedia to the co-ruler of Diocletian Maximian Hercules. The holy martyress firmly endured the tortures, praying to God. The Lord worked many miracles to bring the idol-worshippers to their senses: idols fell down in the pagan temples, just as they brought the saint there; wild animals brought to the martyress lay down peacefully at her feet. Seeing this, many pagans were converted to Christ. When the sentence of death was read, Saint Kyriakia requested time for prayer. After a final prayer she peacefully died, delivered by the Lord out of the hands of the Roman executioners (IV).

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Holy Martyress

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