Translation of the relics of St. Lazarus, monk, of Mt. Galesion near Ephesus (1054)

Commemorated on July 17

The Ven. Lazarus was born in the village of Magnesia in Asia Minor. From childhood he distinguished himself by gentleness, meekness, compassion and love of the poor, and during his whole life he signed himself with great asceticism. Having traveled to worship in the Jerusalem holy places, he practiced asceticism for ten years as a monk in the Laura of St. Sabbas in Palestine. Being worthy of holiness by his good works, the Ven. Lazarus, upon revelation from above, left for Mount Galesius (near Ephesus) and built on it the Monastery of the Resurrection of Christ, where he practiced asceticism on a pillar. “Having subdued the flesh to the spirit”, having tamed “its great turmoil” “through spiritual armor”, “in the mountains and arid deserts ever learning to ascend to the divine being”, he achieved the gift of prophecy and insight. Pious people began to gather around him, wishing to learn from him the highest asceticism of perfection. He died at age 72, in the middle of the 11th Century, and was buried on a pillar.

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