The Yakhromsk Icon of the Mother of God

Commemorated on October 14

      The Yakhromsk Icon of the Mother of God appeared to the lad Kosma (Comm. 18 February), whilst accompanying a sick person. Kosma had stopped at the bank of the Yakhroma River, not far from Vladimir, and the sick person fell asleep. Kosma suddenly saw a bright light and heard a voice: "Attend to and consider thou words of life, show a life God-pleasing and desire the joy of the righteous, and then delight thou of eternal blessings". The light had come from an icon of the Uspenie-Dormition of the MostHoly Mother of God, upon a tree. The lad Kosma took hold the icon, carried it over to the sick person, and that one immediately was healed. Kosma after this set out for the Kievo-Pechersk monastery, where he was tonsured and grew in his own spiritual efforts. The Monk Kosma later upon an inspiration from God took with him the wonderworking icon and withdrew to the bank of the Yakhroma at the place, where he had found the icon. The Monk Kosma built a church, in honour of the Uspenie of the Mother of God, and installed within it the Yakromsk Icon. A monastery later formed there.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Yakhromsk Icon of the Mother
of God

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