St. Longinus, monk, of Koryazhemka (Vologda) (1540)

Commemorated on October 16 and February 10

He at first practiced asceticism in Obnorsk Monastery (see. Volog. Ep.), then left to go up the river to Vicheg and founded on the mouth of the river Koryazhemsk, Vologda Gubernia, the Koryazhemsk Monastery (abolished in 1863), in which he was the abbot. He died as a hieromonk on February 10, 1540. His relics repose in the temple of the Annunciation (in a Koryazhemsk churchyard, about 16 versts from Solvichegodsk) in a secluded place; they were revealed, “by some apparition”, in 1557 after which the local celebrating of the Venerable Longinus was established.

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