2011 Bible Bowl
4th Annual Competition

The 4th Annual Baltimore Orthodox Bible Bowl was held on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at Four Evangelist Orthodox Mission in Bel Air, MD. For this popular event, the church/hall was filled with many anxious kids and proud parents.
At this year’s Bible Bowl, six teams, representing four Orthodox parishes – Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church, Four Evangelists Ukrainian Orthodox Mission and St. Andrew Orthodox Church – participated in the friendly competition.

On the Elementary/Middle School level, three teams impressively answered questions taken from the Gospel of St. Matthew chapters 1-14. Eleven, twelve and thirteen year olds successfully answered questions on the Genealogy of Jesus Christ, His parables, Sermon on the Mount, and many miracles. Similar to last year, the competition was very tight and exciting. Remarkably, for the fourth year in a row, the team from Holy Trinity finished in 1st Place retaining the honor of keeping the trophy at our church for another year. Coming in a close 2nd Place was Four Evangelist’s team followed by the team from St. Andrew’s church finishing in 3rd Place.

Next in turn, three High School teams demonstrated their knowledge of Holy Scripture, answering questions taken from the Gospel of St. Matthew chapters 15-28. Only one team took the trophy, but all of the high school participants gained a better understanding of the parables taught by Jesus and the Passion and Resurrection of Christ our Lord. We offer our congratulations to the High School team from Holy Cross which once again showed a mastery of the material, easily taking the trophy and 1st Place for the third year in a row. Likewise the teams from Holy Trinity finishing in 2nd Place and St. Andrew’s taking 3rd Place deserve a round of applause for doing a great job in answering some difficult questions.

The awards ceremony was conducted after the Pan-Orthodox celebration of Great Vespers in the church. All participants were given a icon of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew and the teams finishing in first, second and third place of each level of competition received gift cards from popular retailers.

The clergy, Sunday School teachers, and parents offer our congratulations to all of the kids for participating in the Bible Bowl. They obviously studied the material and prepared well for the competition. Great job!

We offer our thanks to the clergy, Sunday School staff and parishioners of Four Evangelists Church for hosting this year’s competition. And we sincerely appreciate all the efforts of the parents, Sunday School teachers and participants of all the parishes for helping to make the Bible Bowl a perennial success. Thank you. We’re looking forward to next year!

Holy Trinity’s Teams

Elementary/Middle School Level Team
1st Place
High School Level Team
2nd Place
Veronica Burbelo
Sasha Aleksandrovych
Cassie Foss
Alec Burbelo
Dmitriy Shustov
Christina Burbelo
Gregory Vass
Chris Pastor
Nicholas Vass

O Most Holy Trinity, Our God, Glory to Thee!